Friday, 5 June 2015

A Difficult Week!

Well here I am sat in a coffee shop, sipping a hot chocolate (I know, I know but I can't help myself, besides I think I deserve it after the week I've had!) enjoying a bit of me time before I pick E and her cousin up from nursery, and I'm wondering where I should start. I think the first thing I should do is thank those of you who read my first post, I received some really lovely comments. I just hope this one is as good!
So what has been so difficult about my week? Well it started with me in a good mood after a few iffy days, not particularly bad ones but I hadn't been at my best. It was nice to be back in work after half term and I planned to go home and do a bit of tidying and washing up before I picked destructor baby up from nursery, since recently mastering crawling that is what I have nicknamed her, nothing is safe! But I received a phone call from nursery at 1.20pm saying E had done a few loose nappies (sorry if you're squeamish!) I put it down to teething but they said if there was another one I'd have to pick her up, which I completely understand!
Therefore off I went to collect her at 2pm, still convinced or maybe just hoping it was teething! But unfortunately it wasn't!! Thankfully there weren't too many nappies but it really wasn't nice seeing her ill! I don't often wish I had someone around but I did that night and the following day. Someone to give me their opinion, someone to say "you take care of E and I'll cook dinner", or wash up, or tidy up, or put a wash on, or all of the other things that needed to be done. As much as I know there are lots of people around me willing to help I can't expect them to come to my rescue on a wet and windy Monday evening, and quite frankly it's not the same as having someone here to come home to and a comforting hug or 2 is always nice! But I ploughed on, grabbed a quick omelette and got myself to bed. We both slept well, so much so that I had to wake E the following morning before running off to work. My sister in law was happy enough to look after E and it was much appreciated!  By the time I came home E had done a lot of sleeping (9.30-2.00) and seemed ready to go off again, she was very sleepy and not herself. So after a chat with mum (who spends her time cruising the canals and rivers of the UK with dad on their live aboard narrow boat!) I phoned the Dr's and they said to bring her straight up, which had me even more worried, I had visions of her ending up in hospital due to dehydration. But a lovely Dr really put my mind at ease, she told me E wasn't overly dehydrated and just to keep her fluids up (she didn't even have a temperature) And from then on she has improved each day, I did half expect to have to take the day off today if there had been anymore nappies! And today she is almost back to her normal smiley, cheeky self! Although last night she refused to go to sleep until 9.40pm!!
So yes I am glad to see Friday and I am relishing this bit of me time!! I hope you've had a good week? Xxx

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  1. Another lovely post. Always thought you were a good writer better than I ever was. Glad little one is feeling better. XXX