Friday, 3 March 2017

Gentle Reminders!!

I find this quote/prayer very comforting! I came across it about 5 or 6 years ago, I remember sharing it on Facebook and writing it in a card to send to my cousin who was going through a tough time but then I sort of forgot about it (maybe because I no longer needed the reassurance it can bring) until a week or so ago. The first few lines popped into my head  and I then consulted my trusty friend - Google- to remember the rest. I'm so glad I've rediscovered it because it's brought me a sense of peace, yes I still struggle (sometimes every day) but I'm trying to trust in the recovery process instead if feeling constantly frustrated by my slow progress. I will get there in my own sweet time, when PND has taught me all I need to learn!!


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Gentle Reminders!!

This is definitely something I need to remember!! I'm often too hard on myself instead of showing myself the love and compassion I hope I show all of my friends. I would NEVER berate them, call them lazy or fat, or allow them to believe that they weren't making progress (no matter how slow), so why do I do it to myself??

I'm hoping to make this a regular feature!! I hope you approve?

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A False Start

As January draws to a close I have to admit that it hasn't quite been the start to 2017 that I was hoping for (in fact I've been feeling a little deflated!)! Instead of feeling the optimism that I wanted to I was feeling tired and fed up of being ill, I'd only just started getting back to normal after 10 days of an extremely sore throat when a cold struck (it was only minor but still an inconvenience). I was also feeling annoyed with myself, mainly for the state I've let my house get into, for the piles of washing that litter the floor, the unwashed dishes and general untidiness (I used to be houseproud but it seems that is another thing PND has decided to kick to the curb). Mum had offered to help get me back on top of it over Christmas but I said no because I feel like this time I have to bite the bullet and do it "All by myseeelf" (hehe, sorry!) and now I'm feeling better I know that I will, no matter how long it takes!!
I've also been feeling very unhealthy, sluggish, dehydrated and like I've been doing myself a disservice. I'd gotten it into my head that I needed to make so many changes to my lifestyle, routine (or lack of) and general thinking but it all felt too much, too overwhelming, so instead of being ready for the fight I allowed it all to weigh me down and then I procrastinated and did nothing (other than forgetting to cut myself some slack)!!
And now? Well after talking things over with my closest friends I'm feeling more at peace! I'm starting to focus on completing one tiny bit of the jigsaw at a time, knowing that someday soon I'll take a step back and be able to see how beautiful the bigger picture has become!! I need to remember that I can only do so much and that first and foremost I need to look after myself so that I can take care of those I hold dear!
I'm once again feeling encouraged to enthusiastically keep plugging away at my goals!!
February - I'm coming for you!!

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

2017 - I Think It's Going To Be My Year!!!

*I started writing this at the beginning of the new year but then I was ill, so I'm sorry for the delay*

Well hello there, how are we all? I once again find myself returning from a hiatus but I feel like this time I'll be back for a while!!

So we are now officially in a new year - 2017, and do you know what? I think it's going to be my year, I'm feeling really positive about it (not a forced positive but genuinely optimistic, almost excited!). I'm ready to fight, to take my life in the right direction, to make the changes that are going to get me closer to the person I want to be (not the old me because I know I've changed and so has my life) and I'm going to show PND that I am in control of my life. I watched 'The Holiday' over the festive period and there was a quote I absolutely loved - Arthur Abbot (an elderly famous screenwriter from the golden age of Hollywood, played by Eli Wallach) says to Kate Winslet's character Iris: 

"Iris in the movies we have leading ladies and we have the best friend.  You I can tell are a leading lady, but for some reason you are behaving like the best friend."

To which Iris replies:

"You're so right. You're supposed to be the leading lady of your own life,  for God's sake!
Arthur I've been going to a therapist for three years, and she's never explained anything to me that well. That was brilliant. Brutal, but brilliant."

So I'm going to be the leading lady of my life!! And a leading lady deserves to be treated well, to be taken care of and for me that has to come from within (and from me alone)! I can't keep holding my breath waiting for the hard times to pass or for the weight to magically drop off because that's never going to happen. I have to start being kinder to myself in so many ways. Remembering that I am only human and that yes change takes time but it also takes self compassion and belief (and also a truckload of hard work), I know it's not going to happen overnight but I want to end 2017 happier and healthier! So with that in mind I decided to write 17 goals (instead of resolutions) for 2017 and I'm going to plug away at them slowly, putting no pressure on myself or any real deadlines. Here they are  ~
  1. Get rid of E's dummy.
  2. Spend more quality time with E.
  3. Have more patience.
  4. Feel healthy.
  5. Kick PND's butt. 
  6. Feel happy with myself - inside and out.
  7. Be more confident.
  8. Try new things.
  9. Keep the house clean and tidy.
  10. Stick to a routine.
  11. Be more productive. 
  12. Get more sleep.
  13. Feel more in shape.
  14. See things in a positive light.
  15. Use a gratitude jar.
  16. Be more organised.
  17. Prepare for Christmas earlier.
What are your New Years resolutions or goals?
I shall be back very soon, I promise!! In the meantime feel free to comment, share or both. Xoxo