Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Starting Afresh!

Here we are again after another absence. What a busy few weeks it's been, with the start of a busy and new school year (the start of a new chapter in school life with a new Headmistress), mum and dad here, and making changes to my home! I have to admit there are times I have been a bit stressed (just letting things get to me), but the thing that has been most overwhelming is the feeling of being unsettled! I'm not the biggest fan of change (come on who is?), the only saving grace is that all of this didn't happen a few months ago,  because I think I really would have struggled!
So I'm afraid Helen's Healthy Habits (snazzy new name) have gone by the wayside. I started off fairly well with Drink at least 2 litres of water, although there were a couple of days I didn't quite make it. The new routine is going okay but is forever evolving! The one achievement I am accomplishing is Sober September! On the advice of a friend I decided to sign up for Cancer Research UK's Dryathlon, so far I haven't raised much money but as they say every little helps. I made it through a meal out with the girls, and my nieces birthday party (a bit of a family get together too).
So from today (I actually started on Thursday when I first wrote this post, I then typed it up on Saturday but for some reason it didn't save, doh!) I'm starting afresh, and this week I'm going to concentrate on Drinking Less Caffeine! I'm aiming to replace tea and coffee with herbal and green teas (I've found a nice green tea with lime)! And hopefully that in itself will encourage me to drink more water.
I think 2 habits a week might be too much to start with, so for now I'll do a food related one every other week and a self care one on the weeks in between.
I know some of you are keen to support me, so feel free to get I'm touch by commenting or privately!
Here's to starting afresh, with renewed positivity!!
I promise to speak to you soon!! Xoxo 


  1. Well done for making the effort to post again. Send me the link for sponsorship. XXX