Friday, 28 August 2015

A Weighty Issue!

I caught sight of myself in a shop window today, and it wasn't pretty! Between that and some unflattering holiday snaps I've realised I've got to do something about my increasing weight! I've been thinking about it for months but I just didn't have the mental capacity to deal with it. Even now I don't want to focus on losing weight (that's too big a challenge and too much pressure). I want to feel healthy, instead of bloated and lethargic. People have said to me "Ah but the weight will fall off you once you're feeling better!" That maybe true but I can't rely on that fact or use it as an excuse to eat badly!
I've always had to watch my weight and when I was 17 mum and I joined Slimming World together (I weighed in at 12st 5lbs, I'm only 5"1)! But we'd found something that worked for us. The lovely consultant took me under her wing and I went on to lose 3st 7lbs and become part of the social team, either taking the money or doing the weigh in (meeting some truly lovely and inspirational people along the way!). I was a member for 13 and a half years (even throughout my pregnancy), yes my weight fluctuated during that time but I always knew I could lose it again! But once E was born and then the PND struck I really struggled and the weight obviously started going in the wrong direction. I don't know whether it is the antidepressants that make me want to stuff my face, or is it just because I've always been an emotional eater? I suspect it is more than likely a combination of the two! Add to that a complete lack of willpower at the moment, and it's no wonder I finally decided to stop going to Slimming World just over 6 weeks ago.
After a very busy and indulgent  (and at times boozy) summer I have decided now is the time to focus on me! I'm using my return to work next week as a fresh start, September (and beyond) is my time to get healthy! So where to start? To make it more manageable, less daunting and reduce the pressure I have decided to break it down into weekly challenges that I will build on week by week, until I am a svelte, sexy beast (that might be a little optimistic!). I have some ideas in mind but I would also like your input! Here's what I have

  • Menu plan
  • Drink more water (at least 2ltrs)
  • Eat less bread
  • Drink less caffeine 
  • Eat less snacks
  • Eat more fruit and veg
  • Eat a different breakfast every day
  • Try one new recipe a week
I also want this to be about looking after myself completely so I want to incorporate some self care challenges. 
  • Go to bed 30mins earlier 
  • Enjoy more quality me time
  • Pamper myself in some way once a week (paint nails, bath, face mask)
  • Turn the TV off for one evening a week (read a book, do some adult colouring whilst listening to music)
  • Stick to a routine 
  • Do ##bepbb (be positive before bedtime) on twitter every day
  • Choose one none food related treat per week (flowers, manicure, pedicure)
I have no idea yet which order I will do them in but I'm thinking I might choose one from both lists each week to complete and give you a progress report every Friday,  with the next weeks challenges. (I hope that makes sense) Alongside this I am also going to go sober for September. No alcohol will pass my lips! I'm really not a big drinker, more of a social one (but there's been lots of time spent with friends and family over the last couple of months).
I'm hoping to think of a punchy title for my challenges and I will add the lists somewhere on the page. Any of you are welcome to join me, let us know how you get on! And don't forget to give me some more ideas! Ooohh it's exciting!! This week I am going to drink more water and stick to my new routine!! See how I get in next Friday! Xoxo 


  1. I've always said if you want something badly enough you can put your mind to it and achieve what you want. Go for it. XXX

  2. I think you're set to do this the right way - making changes rather than 'going on a diet'. By not being unrealistic, and building on self-respect, I think you'll win! ☺

  3. Thank you Phil, things aren't going brilliantly (which I need to blog about) but hoping to get things back on track!! ☺ xx