Tuesday, 18 August 2015

An Odd Feeling!

Today I feel unsettled, and I don't know why! It could be post holiday blues, (we had a truly fab time in Trecco Bay, with lovely company) or the fact that the summer holidays are coming to an end, (I really don't know where they've gone this year!) or maybe the need for more of a routine. I feel like I need to shake things up, make a change! But I don't really know where to begin or what to do. Maybe I'm stagnating because I'm slowly (note the word "slowly") starting to feel better, the good days are definitely outweighing the bad and I finally feel like we've got my antidepressants at the right level (yet I still feel unmotivated). Is it because it was almost as if every day was such a battle and now I feel like I'm having to fight slightly less that I don't really know where to go from here or what to do with myself?
I know there are things I need to do! I need to get my house tidy (and clean), sort a decent daily routine (and stick to it!). I need to get healthy (losing weight would be a bonus but not something I'm willing to focus on right now!) more of which in an upcoming post and possibly subsequent ones. I need (and want) to get back to feeling like me again, I see glimpses of her but she never seems to stick around. I want to look forward to Christmas, because I felt robbed of the joy of E's first one (it felt like I was in a bubble, I could see everything that was going on but couldn't quite touch it!) And I want to start the New Year afresh! Who knows if I will achieve all those things I want or need to but I have to at least try!
And now, in this present moment what shall I do? I think I might stick some music  on and dance around the house (to shake up how I'm feeling), motivate myself and do some tidying and sorting, so that later in the week my lovely brother can help me move some furniture around to change the feel of my lounge!

As always thank you for listening (okay reading) my musings.  I hadn't planned on writing this post but it felt good to just write from the heart!
How do you shake things up? Any suggestions are welcome! Until next time! Xoxo


  1. Lovely post, glad you're starting to feel better. It's good to write from the heart when it flows. Having a change round in the lounge may give you a different outlook on life in general. Sometimes small things can have a big impact. Let's hope that bubble from last Christmas has burst and you really enjoy this coming one. M. XXX