Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Wanderer Returns!

Have you missed me and my random musings? Well I've missed you anyway!! It seems like ages since I've stopped to talk to you. Where have I been? Here, there and everywhere, that's where!
What a month it's been! It all started with the wonderful chickenpox (the spots made their appearance the Monday before E's 1st birthday party)! I always thought that the younger they got them the less spots they got, well I can vouch for the fact that that isn't true. She was covered bless her (front, back, nappy area, on her scalp and a lovely one under her eye). The spots didn't seem to bother her too much, but she was under the weather, clingy, and she slept a lot. My brother and sister in law looked after her on the Tuesday but she was supposed to go to nursery on the Wednesday and Thursday, so mummy had to take a couple of days off work (which felt strange). My B and SinL were off to pick mum and dad up in preparation for the birthday celebrations.
Friday arrived and after work mum and I went shopping to get the last bits for the party (I had used my unexpected time off wisely and done an online shop earlier in the week). Saturday morning the house was a hive of activity - sandwich making, balloon blowing, cake making and decorating (a Victoria sponge filled with jam and buttercream, coated in buttercream and topped with strawberries), sausage roll cooking and lots more! But once all of that was done (with lots of help, you know who you are!) it was time to enjoy the celebrations! It was a lovely party, with a picnic for her baby friends in the afternoon and continuing on to a BBQ for friends and family in the evening! She is so lucky to have lots of people who love her! Which showed in the amount of cards and presents she received (I know some of you are reading this so Thank You!), which we opened on her birthday.
Mum and dad stayed for a few more weeks, it was so nice to have them around and I know E enjoyed spending time with Nanna and Grandad.
As their time here came to an end so did the summer term, school year and an era! For the last day before the summer holidays was also the last day at our school for our Headmistress, and 2 teachers! It was an emotional day (I cried on at least 3 separate occasions) I have become very fond of all 3, they are not just work colleagues I consider them to be friends too, each of them supporting me in different ways. School will not be the same place without them but as they move on to new ventures, so the school enters a period of change. I wonder what September will bring!
After a very fun night out (I behaved!), the school holidays began and so far it's been busy. My lovely cousin arrived for a fun filled week on the first Wednesday. We were ladies that lunched and we frequented coffee shops. We had girly chats and serious talks. There was shopping, a carnival, partaking of the odd alcoholic beverage (okay more than just the odd one), a very windy trip to the seaside, icecream and milkshakes and she went surfing! It really was a fab week, that I think we were both sad to see the end of.
This week has been quieter, apart from a day out with the girls, lunch and a walk by the sea with one if my best mummy friends and a cocktail party. More family are arriving tomorrow for a couple of days, then hopefully a quiet weekend before our little holiday! At this rate I'll be going back to work for a rest.
My pnd has been fairly good lately, although I still get my wobbly days (like yesterday and I'm a little lethargic today, which if you've read What Postnatal Depression Is For Me you'll know I hate), but I'm planning on trying to get myself healthier, more of which in a future post.
I may bombard you with a couple more posts over the coming days (sorry)! So there you have it, you're all up to date!
Please feel free to comment and I will try my best to reply! Xoxo


  1. the wanderer stays now eiy. :) there is something very likeable about the simplicity in your posts, and now I want that sponge cake too, LOL. happy belated to miss E!

    1. Yes, lol ☺ Thank you!!! Lol, sorry but it was very yummy!! Thank you!! Xxx

  2. It was a good party enjoyed by all. Keep coming back, I'm sure it helps get things into perspective. Your doing a good job. Glad you enjoyed your visitor and have a good time with the next lot. We'll speak soon. M.XXX