Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Way Forward!

If you are a regular reader you'll know I've recently been struggling to get healthy (and with other things) so I've sat down and been honest with myself! Here are the results!!

What's Holding Me Back?

  • The fear that I won't be able to do it.
  • A lack of self belief.
  • Tiredness
  • I'm tired of having to fight against myself.
  • A negative internal voice.
  • Using food as a crux, I eat when I'm tired, stressed, as a reward, etc.
  • It seems such a big mountain to climb.
  • It's another change when my life seems so full of them already.
  • I seem to have no willpower.

How Can I Change Those Things Into Positives? 

  • I'll never know unless I try, and I've done it before.
  • Remember how much other people believe in me, lean on them.
  • Try and get to bed earlier and see what comes of the blood tests. 
  • That fight is getting me where I want to be - better and then things will get easier. 
  • Tell that internal voice to shut up and replace it with a more positive one. Use mantras and affirmations.
  • Tell myself I don't need it, or use other things instead.
  • It is but if I  take it one step at a time it will be easier. It's okay to stop and enjoy the view every now and then. Put one baby step in front of another.
  • Yes but instead of fighting those changes embrace them and see the good in them.
  • If I keep telling myself I don't then I won't!  I have all the willpower in the world! 

How To Move Forward

  • Eat only 3 meals a day and up to 3 healthy snacks.
  • Drink only water and herbal teas.
  • Weigh cereal.
  • Get serious about this!
  • Be strict!
  • If I get tempted I will ask myself "Do I really need it?" "Will it nourish me?"
  • I need to focus on nourishing my body and mind rather than losing weight. 
  • Remember I deserve to feel good about myself.
  • If that internal voice is negative replace it with a positive one.
  • Set myself mini goals to aim for.
  • I need to be gentle with myself, there's no shame in having the odd slip up.
  • I will start right now, not Monday or tomorrow,  cease the moment.
  • Be single minded -this is about getting my whole self in a better place.
  • Choose a positive quote or mantra every morning, write it down and repeat it throughout the day.
  • At the end of everyday write down any achievements no matter how small they are.
  • I will reward myself every now and then but not with food.
  • I need to keep my mind and life tidy.
  • I mustn't berate myself for getting to this point or size, I just need to concentrate on moving on!
  • Breathe and believe! Oh and smile!! 
I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record!!


  1. Hi Helen. You can do it! Join my on a 30 Day 'Healthy Eating' Challenge. I've only just started this site but I've a few healthy recipes up already. Take a look around and stay in contact as I'd be happy to try and help you.

    1. Thank you Marcel!! I've just had a look at your challenge, sounds like you've made a great start!! Well done!! I will definitely stay in touch, help is always welcome!! Xx

  2. You've done it before Helen. And this time you have E to think about too. It won't be easy BUT YOU CAN DO IT XXXX

    1. Thank you!! I know I can I just need to keep reminding myself!! Xxxxxx

  3. Only just read your post. You seem more positive. As Unique said you've done it before and you can do it now that you have E as a bigger incentive. But remember this is for YOU first and foremost. You'll get there. XXX M

    1. Thanks mum!! I am feeling more positive!! I know I will, given time and perseverance!! Xxxx

  4. Oh Helen, it sounds like you have some great goals here. And it is really important to know what is holding you back from accomplishing these goals. I completely empathise though. I think all the same things hold me back. It is really hard to motivate yourself. I really hope that you do find the motivation that you need. It sounds like you have a fabulous reason in your little lady. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for taking the time to stop by!! If I'm honest I'm still struggling to find that motivation!! I feel like I'm waiting for something to click!! I want to feel better about myself so I'll keep trying!! She is a fabulous reason!! The hugs are gratefully received and returned!! Xxxx